how to make money online

how to make money online
how to make money online

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how to make money online
There are so many businesses cross the globe which are fetching money and making a lot of people richer each and every day and one of them is online business .

Online business has become very fast and growing business on the internet these days and people are earning a lot of from it.

In this article, I’m going to recommend how to make money online: 20 passive income ideas on how to create and make money from them that can change your living and give you the kind of life you want.

Creating an online business may not be easy but with your determination, dedication, hard work and sacrifices you can make it.

Online business can also be setup as a part-time job for many people who are into different kinds of jobs worldwide since all it involves is, exchange of goods and services, sharing ideas, sending and receiving information on the internet and also it’s daily activity.

Start a blog

Blogging is one of the most profitable online business on the internet right now, It is very simple and easy way to make money. If you have knowledge or ideas about something and you think sharing your ideas on them will help, the best way is to create a website and start blogging about them.

To be best in the blogging area, always make sure you come up with good, presentable and readable contents.

How to start blogging.
Choose a niche, aim at a specific topic, also choose a topic and write about them. A niche is what your blog is about. Focusing on one niche will help your viewers to understand what your blog is all about.
Here are some examples of niche which attract viewers and can pay you well:

  • Health and fitness
  • Travel and tour
  • Fashion stuffs
  • Food and nutrition
  • How to make money online
  • Yoga etc.


Becoming a YouTuber is a great way to make money online. YouTube is very popular in the worldwide and billions of people visit the site everyday to watch entertainment and educative videos being uploaded daily.

You can take advantage of this and make money out of it.
There many ways you can earn money as a YouTuber.

how to make money on YouTube

Way to make money on YouTube.
Affiliate marketing. You can earn money without monetizing your YouTube videos and this is very simple way to go about it. Do affiliate marketing on YouTube, Register any affiliate programs like Amazon Associates.

Select a product you want to promote then do review video on it,
put a link on the video description and make sure you remind your viewers about the link in the video description below.

Monetize your YouTube channel
In other to monetize your YouTube channel you must get 1k subscription and 4000 hours view. Make sure you tell the viewers to subscribe, like, and comment in every video you make .

Start Selling on Amazon

Selling on Amazon is one of the best way to make money online. Amazon have millions of customers that buy from them every day. You can take this opportunity to make money from Amazon. Can anyone start selling on Amazon?

Yes anyone can sell on Amazon. All you have to do is; go to and register as a seller. Ship the product you want to sell on Amazon. Add a photo of the product to Remember the photos should be clear and nice because that will be displayed to your costumers.

Become Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates helps you make money online. Becoming Amazon Associates helps you make money through Amazon affiliate marketing. You promote Amazon product and get paid each time someone use your affiliate link to buy from Amazon. You will get 1-20% commission.

To start this, go to and register as affiliate marketer. Select the type of product you want to promote. Amazon products can be promoted on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc.


Drop-shipping business is very profitable and lucrative. Starting a dropshiping business is easy and simple, all you need is to get little capital and you are good to go.
What is drop-shipping ?

Dropshiping business is a way of selling product online. In this type of business you don’t have to produce stock of any product, you just take orders from your costumers and order the products straight from the company.

Make sure you provide the details of the costumer to the supplier. The supplier will then ship the product to the address of the costumer.

Who can start?
Any one who like eCommerce can start.

How do I start.?
Open an account with Select the product you want to sell. Do research on the demand for the product in the market. Search the price and how much costumers are willing to pay for it.

Contact the supplier on after completing the above step, Setup an e-commerce website with sopify. Display your selected product and start selling.

Sell Website on

If you want to make money as a web designer then is the best platform for you. is a market place for selling and buying of website online.

Making money on flippa is very easy and simple as a web designer. All you have to do is create a new website and monetize it and sell it to the highest bidder.

Who can start?
Any one with web designing skills can start. Someone who has more knowledge about WordPress.

How to start
. Choose a niche you are passionate about. A niche is what your site is about. This is the topic your site is about. Choosing the right niche will help your viewers to understand your web content
Think about how your website will be successful. You have to do a lot of research on the niche you have chosen and work on it.
Choose domain name that match your niche. Choose a name that is easy to remember. A good domain name is very important. Choose .com as it will make your website looks original.
Choose a good paid hosting like bluehost, namecheap, or siteground. Good hosting will determine the speed of your website.
Make sure your website design and layout look very nice and professional. Your web design and layout will attract more costumers.

How to sell
1. Register your website on and start biding.
2. Set your website price 15X greater than your website monthly income. So if your website make $501 a month make the price $7515

3. Start auction and wait for good bidder. People will start to bid to buy your website. Wait for the highest bidder then sell, it a done deal.
4. Payment will be made to your flippa account. Add your payment mode, then redraw your money.

Online Tutoring

Teaching online is one of the best way to increase your monthly income. We all know during covid-19 we were forced to stay home. This make eLearning the need for every student.

So as a professional teacher, you can start making passive income from this opportunity.

How does it work
As a professional teacher you don’t need any investment to start. All you need to do is, register as an online tutoring on the following website.

How much can I earn?
Every website has different pay package. You can earn $5-$10 an hour.

Data Entry Business

This is also one of the best way you can make money online.

Digital education hub

Creating this hub brings a lot student from all over the world to come learn and watch more educative stuffs which help them in their various field of study. This is also income generating business making a lot of people successful.

Develop Mobile App

Becoming a mobile app developer is a great way to make money online. As you know many business and companies are trying to get mobile app for there business. Mobile app developer is in high demand.

Who can start
Any one with mobile app developing skills.

How to start
Go to create an account as a mobile app developer. This App is in high demand, you will be getting jobs everyday. You can charge $1000-$5000 depending on the project at hand.

Content Creation.

Everyday new website is being created. A good site needs a good and readable content. As a content writer your work is to write a good content for your costumers at a fee.

Content writer charge depending on number of words. 1000 words=$100

Who can start
Any one with writing skills.

How to start
Go to register as a content writer. Start writing for money.

Sell Online Courses

If you know how to do something best, then why can’t you start selling your ideas to other people who are always willing to learn different things entirely on the internet?

Selling online course is a great way to make money online. You can earn $500-5000 every month. There are many online platform that can help you sell online course.

Who can start?.
Anyone who can give step by step details and instructions on specific topics. Special tool will be needed to create videos.

How to start. Register to the following website
1. Skillshare
2. udemy

Create videos on your specialty. Upload the videos on the site. Make sure you arrange your video in other. Set a price tag on it and start selling.
Do a beginner class for free and charge the advance course.

Sell art and craft works on Etsy

Etsy is a market place like eBay. Etsy is market place for buying and selling of art and craft works. This is a place for artisans. Etsy has 30 million of viewers who visit the site every month.

So this is a perfect platform to sell your art and craftworks. The top seller on Etsy earn 1 million dollars a year by selling art work.

How to start
Artistic and craftier people can start. Someone who love to design, envision and create their own artwork.

How to start
Create account on Etsy and display your artwork. You will start to make money when someone buy your artwork.

Social Media Manager

Social media has become very influential sites and many people are earning a lot of income from there. You can use this means to also earn income on your own.

Startup Advisor

This is also one of the best online business which you can setup to earn an income. Being an expert in helping startup complete strategical tasks from areas in which team lacks competence is very relevant and this will always attract people to come learn different things everyday.

Do CPA marketing

CPA marketing is a good way to make money online. This is a way of making quick money online. This works like affiliate marketing but in this way you get paid whether the person buys the product or not. The person have to sign up through your CPA Link.

What is CPA
CPA means Cost Per Action. There are millions of companies out there willing to pay $1-$100 per action.

How to start
Sign up to CPA network. Select the type of CPA you want to promote copy the link, and start sharing it through social media. The best way is to create a landing page for that CPA. In this way you can direct traffic to the landing page. And traffic= money.

Online Translation Services

This is most earliest business you can do to generate income as a lot of people over the world visit internet to search for meanings and translation about what they speak always.

Who can start
Anyone who can speak multiple languages

Publish A Kindle e-books

Setting up this business, always make sure you have the world’s most famous writers book on your page to attract many people and also make the very best out of it.

Photography and Filming

If you have Passion in photography then you can make part time money online. There are many platform that can help you sell your photos.

Who can start?
someone who is passionate about photography. Someone who has the ability to take versatile and creative photos.
experienced photographer can start instantly. For beginner you will need time to learn photography.

How To Monetize –
There are many ways to make a lot of money from photography,

Register the following websites, upload your photographs. You start to earn money once people start to buy them.

Remember, creativity is very necessary in photography.
You can even start your own photography website and sell your photographs directly from there.

Software Developer

Developing software is among the top online business idea you can start. This business pays extremely well because the need for it is consistently increasing. Any small business now are days is unveiling app everyday which makes it very lucrative.

Who can start
software developer can start.

How to start
Go to, register an account as a software developer and start working. You can charge your costumers for $500 and above depending on the project.

These are 20 best online businesess making a lot people’s living better day in and out.